Meet our consultants

The results are created by people

We gather the most talented individuals and are very proud of all our consultants.

We have many developers who have celebrated a 10-year anniversary and we generally have very low churn on the individual teams.

The typical consultant profile is someone who is 29 years old, has a masters in computer science with 7 years of work experience in IT. They are open minded, enterprising and results oriented and speak good English.

Meet some of the people who work with us

Olha in focused work, reflecting her expertise as a backend developer.

Meet Olha

Olha is a Team Leader and Backend developer

Billede af Ivan, der arbejder på sin computer, hvilket afspejler hans rolle som både udvikler og leder.

Meet Ivan

Ivan is a team leader, Scrum Master and software developer.

Billede af Nazar i arbejde, afspejler hans rolle som QA ekspert og mentor.

Meet Nazar

Nazar is a QA specialist.

Zoriana engageret i sit arbejde som Delivery Manager, afspejler hendes dedikation og professionalisme.

Meet Zoriana

Zoriana is a Delivery Manager.

En beskrivelse af billedet, f.eks.

Meet Nadiya

Nadiya is Head of HR.

”Over the past 10 years at Conscensia, I have developed both professionally and personally. Conscensia has supported and shown me confidence, as well as given me challenges as well as freedom to improve my skills. On the other hand, I have worked with great commitment to provide value to Conscensia and our customers. I also greatly appreciate my colleagues; professionally, socially and competently. Conscensia feels like a big family and I am proud to be a part of it!”
Volodymyr – .Net developer at Conscensia

Conscensia Club 10

We have many consulents who have celebrated their 10th anniversary with Conscensia.

Retaining our customers skilled consultants have a high focus at Conscensia, and HR makes a great effort to ensure that the developers thrive, both professionally and personally.

To mark our appreciation of our loyal consultants, we have set up a “Conscensia Club 10”, to which one is admitted to after 10 years of cooperation. We are incredibly proud that our retention efforts are helping our customers retain their developers and domain knowledge on their development teams for so many years.

Two Conscensia consultants engaging in a productive meeting