Our nearshore development centres

Our development centres are located in Lviv, Warsaw and in Porto

There is a huge talent pool of highly trained IT specialists in both Lviv, Warsaw and Porto.

Both Polish and Ukrainian universities have a strong tradition in mathematics and IT education, which makes the selection of graduates significantly larger than in Western Europe.

At our development centres in Lviv, Warsaw and Porto, we have implemented a decidedly Scandinavian corporate culture and management style with a focus on personal development and work-life balance, which results in a very low retention rate.

Benefits of our nearshore development centres

: "Ikon for stor talentmasse i Lviv, Warszawa og Porto

Lviv, Warsaw and Porto have a huge talent pool available that makes scaling easy and drives down time-to-market.

Forretningsmæssige fordele - Effektiv skalering og hurtigere time-to-market

Highly trained software developers cost significantly less in Ukraine, Poland and Portugal. At the same time, they work more hours than in western Europe.

Ikon der viser fleksibilitet i konsulenters vilkår

Our specialists are contracted on B2B terms, ensuring flexibility in relation to start-up and any changes in the team. There are no recruitment costs.

Ikon for in-house kontrol med dedikeret nearshore team

A dedicated nearshore team ensures you full control over your critical in-house development. You strengthen and maintain your competence building.

Ikon for let kommunikation med softwareudviklere

The cultural and linguistic barriers are small. SW developers in Ukraine, Poland and Portugal are used to working with customers from other countries.

Ikon der indikerer kort rejseafstand til udviklingscentre

Travel to and from our development centres is easy. There are direct flights from multiple European cities to both Warsaw and Lviv and travel time is short to both locations.

”We bring outsourcing into play when we need to expand our activities. It ensures us a reasonable cost level and helps us deal with peak loads in a way that makes us less vulnerable than if we had to hire ourselves.”

Rikke Rønnau, Vice President at Systematic

Conscensia's modern development center in Porto, showcasing Portugal's commitment to growing its IT sector.

Our new development center is located in Porto

Portugal has an increased focus on the development of the IT industry and the number of IT specialists in Portugal is the most increasing in Europe, which is partly due to Portugal’s tech visa for IT specialists outside Schengen, such as developers from Brazil.

Portugal has over 100,000 IT specialists, and every year over 16,000 new IT specialists graduate. In Porto and its surroundings, there are over 30,000 IT specialists, making Porto the 2nd largest IT hub in Portugal.

If a development project is to be developed within the EU/NATO, our Porto office is the solution for you.

Development center in Warsaw

There is a huge potential for recruiting the right software developers in Warsaw.

Poland has over 295,000 IT specialists, 65,000 of whom are located in the Warsaw area. Every year, an additional 3,000 new IT specialists are trained in Warsaw.

If a development project is to be executed within the EU / NATO, our Warsaw office is the solution for you.

Atmosphere on the terrace of Conscensia's Lviv Development Center

Our development center in Lviv

Ukraine has over 200,000 IT specialists, 85% of whom work in software development companies.

Lviv is the third largest IT hub in Ukraine with over 25,000 IT specialists and 7 universities, providing a large talent pool of highly trained software developers.

Every year, 5,000 IT specialists are trained in Lviv.