Development and retention

We have a retention rate of 90% so we can also maintain your team

Many of our customers experience that their developers do not want to work anywhere other than for them.

At our development centres, we have a very strong HR function that maintains your developers.

In addition to being responsible for all the practicalities, we ensure that your consultants get Scandinavian working conditions and are motivated based on individual needs. Our HR activities include team building and social activities, training, knowledge sharing, yearly appraisal, social- and health benefits etc.


Ikon for dedikeret softwareudviklingsteam

Team building both in the individual team and across the company is important to ensure motivation and loyalty in the long run. We make this a reality with team building activities and regularly hold joint social activities such as Friday cafe, summer party, Christmas and New Year parties.

Overgangsperiode på en måned fra jobaccept til startdato

An active environment of knowledge sharing is important for a consultant's development. We offer a range of initiatives around competence groups (.Net, Java, QA, Front End etc.) and technical communities (Delphi, Team Leads etc.). We also run a corporate library.

Ikon for kulturel intelligens workshop hos Conscensia

It is important to continuously develop the consultants' competencies. We regularly offer a number of joint courses in language, communication, technologies, etc. Employees often have the opportunity to attend popular conferences and seminars. We conduct customer-specific courses on request and can coordinate certifications for consultants.

Ikon for ansvarlig sourcing og konsulentintegration

Yearly appraisals are conducted in which the customer is involved. Feedback is given on a consultant's performance, qualities, contribution to the team, collaboration skills, strengths / challenges, wishes for the future, etc. In addition, the appraisal also includes a remuneration assessment.

“Conscensia must be recognized for the HR function and process they have built up. This is a sourcing partner who does more than provide manpower. For example, they challenge us in areas such as team composition and needs assessment."
Morten Granum, Group Senior Vice President at Systematic

Also included in the package with us

There are many benefits to choosing the right partner for nearshore software development.

With Conscensia on the team when you need to find new software developers, we also make sure:

  • You get very limited churn and high efficiency.
  • You get knowledge that stays within the task and in the team.
  • You get the opportunity to build up the same competencies as an in house team.
  • You get more for the same money!