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The team behind Conscensia
Torsten Bielefeldt Schlägelberger

Torsten Bielefeldt Schlägelberger

+45 5370 1140

Line Milthers, COO i Conscensia.

Line Milthers

+45 2788 6361

Vincent Pearson - Regional Sales Director i Conscensia.

Vincent Pearson

Regional Sales Director, UK and Germany
+49 152 345 20 507

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Thomas Varan, Regional Sales Director Denmark

Thomas Varan

Regional Sales Director, Denmark
+45 3190 2803

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Iryna Kosareva

General Manager, Ukraine

Sonja Strycharska

General Manager, Poland


Germany and United Kingdom

Sales Germany and UK
Westfälische Strasse 52
D-10711 Berlin, Germany

Tel. +49 152 345 20 507


Development centre
Łucka Street 2/4/6,
00-845 Warsaw, Poland

Tel. +48 784 459 675


Development centre

Lviv, Ukraine


Development centre

Porto, Portugal

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