Dedicated teams with open book and flexible terms ensure long-term collaboration

You get full transparency and the final decision on your developers’ salaries. This helps to ensure long-term collaboration with your team and its members.

In addition to the developer’s salary, a Service Fee is paid to Conscensia, which covers expenses for office, IT equipment, recruitment, delivery management, administration, etc.

You can scale your development team at speed without thinking about additional recruitment costs. If you want to downsize your team, this can be done at short notice.



Get a dedicated team of software developers working exclusively for your business. A dedicated nearshore team ensures you full control over your critical in-house development. You strengthen and maintain your competence building.


There is full transparency in our price model. You know the salary of your developers and pay a Service Fee to Conscensia. This helps ensure the long-term retention of your team.


Scaling your development team can be done quickly and easily, as needs dictate. Our specialists are contracted on B2B terms, which ensure flexibility during start-up and changes in the team. There are no recruitment costs.


Your software developers are located at our modern development centres in Lviv and Warsaw, both of which have a huge talent pool. This makes it easy to scale your organization and shortens time-to-market in a cost effective and flexible way.


The developers become an integral part of your company and long-term strategy. We focus on human vision and respect; we ensure legislation and compliance at all times and work purposefully with the development and retention of your specialists.


Our expertise is in finding, integrating and retaining your team. We have a thoroughly tested process that ensures quick recruitment, friction free onboarding and start-up, efficient team management as well as development and retention of your team. We have a 90% retention rate for our developers.

“It is a huge advantage that Conscensia is helping to find the right candidates that match our wishes. In addition, they make sure that everything practical works such as payroll, that the computer and the internet connection work, and that our developers in Ukraine have a good place to be.”
Claus Kenberg, CCO and CDIO at Saxo

Facts about your team and developers

You pay a fixed monthly amount, which covers your developers’ remunerations as well as a Service Fee to Conscensia. Other contractual matters:

  • 40 hours software development per week
  • 4 weeks paid time off
  • Replacement of consultant: current month + 30 days
  • No recruitment costs
  • Associated delivery manager

Conscensia provides rent, IT equipment, income payment and tax, administration, recruitment, various education / knowledge sharing, etc. The consultants are trained in GDPR and IPR issues, and all are subject to NDAs.