Delivery and team management

We help you create an efficient and solid team

Remote management, team management and well-functioning collaboration processes are important to ensure success with distributed teams.

When you start a development team at Conscensia, you always get a permanent Delivery Manager attached, who advises and helps with team management, development and collaboration processes, KPI follow-up, optimal composition of teams, etc. so that the team is efficient and value-creating.


Ikon for let kommunikation med softwareudviklere

We advise on remote team management, so that the collaboration with your nearshore development team will be as successful as possible. The goal is for the team to feel like they are part of the company's in-house development team and the company they work for.

Ikon for etablering af samarbejdscyklus i teamet

To ensure a successful collaboration with the team, a fixed cycle is established for the collaboration. It can typically consist of daily follow-up on team status, monthly follow-up meetings, quarterly KPI follow-ups, semi-annual steering group meetings and yearly appraisal.

Detaljeret kravsanalyse for at finde de rette konsulenter

For each team, there are a number of standard KPI’s that are reported to you. In addition, you can have your own KPIs or wishes for new KPIs, which must be included in follow-up on the team. The reporting takes place on an ongoing basis as part of the collaboration process.

Ikon for medarbejderudvikling og fastholdelse

You always get a Delivery Manager attached to the team. The Delivery Manager contributes to the entire initiation of the collaboration, team composition, establishment of processes, advice on remote management and planning of the collaboration process with you.

”We have a really good dialogue with our Delivery Manager in Conscensia. She is a good ambassador for us down there and senses any challenges that are difficult for us to pick up at one daily Teams meeting.”
Rasmus Burkal, CDO/CTO at Saxo

Remote team management

The goal of remote team management is to get your distributed team to become part of your business and in-house team.

People who work well together, share information and utilize all competencies across teams are simply more efficient and value-creating. To create an integrated team and a well-functioning collaboration, we recommend:

  • Use SCRUM as a method
  • Communicate clearly and distinctly
  • Build one team across locations
To kolleger gennemgår arbejde på en bærbar computer, der illustrerer tæt samarbejde.