Kamstrup decided that outsourcing should be part of their future strategy back in 2011. In collaboration with Conscensia, Kamstrup succeed in establishing an efficient devlopment team in Ukraine.

Spar Nord

Spar Nord has 15 Ukrainian developers cooperating from Conscensia's development centre in Lviv. Conscensia helped with the recruitment process and integrating the Danish and Ukrainian developers.

Norsk Byggtjeneste

Norsk Byggtjeneste is a .Net company with a Microsoft full-stack set-up. Norsk Byggtjeneste and Conscensia are currently migrating existing applications to Azure and they are also developing new applications for the platform.


Their collaboration was highly efficient and productive right from the start. Only a month and a half after Kamstrup A/S signed the contract with Conscensia, the new development team was up and running at full strength.


FlexyBox had two employees in 2010, and now they have 20 employees in Denmark and 6 developers in Ukraine at Conscensia's development centre. FlexyBox states that they have increased their competitiveness, because they outsource their IT development.


Since 2013, Saxo has had a development team at Conscensia's development centre in Ukraine. Saxo has gained great value from their development team, so much that they decided to enter a strategic partnership with Conscensia and expanded their Ukrainian team.


Conscensia has been Systematic’s sourcing partner for the past 10 years. Approximately 30 developers are providing services for Systematic from our development centres in Poland and Ukraine.