Responsible sourcing

Think long-term when outsourcing – this will helps improve motivation and loyalty

We source consultants in a proper and responsible manner. We focus on human vision and respect, legislation and compliance, career development and retention.

We have implemented and maintain a Scandinavian corporate culture with a focus on personal development and work-life balance. We also have many HR development initiatives.

The main elements of Responsible Sourcing

Ikon for dedikeret softwareudviklingsteam

We have a Scandinavian corporate culture and management style at our development centres, with a focus on personal development and work-life balance. All teams go through a workshop in cultural intelligence, and we shape our specialists to work in teams with a low hierarchy: to challenge, ask questions, take responsibility etc.

Ikon for overholdelse af lovgivning og compliance

The team becomes an integral part of your business. We ensure that the outsourcing takes place in full accordance with your company's policies and processes, and complies with all requirements within compliance and legislation. Developers are trained in GDPR and IP rights, and all have entered into NDAs.

Ikon for medarbejderudvikling og fastholdelse

The collaboration has a long-term perspective. Critical knowledge is built up, which is why there is a strong focus on ensuring development and retention. We have 90% retention rate. The consultants have premium pension plans, maternity funds and social security. We have many HR development initiatives with a focus on: social activities, team building, training, knowledge sharing and yearly appraisals.

”When I contracted with Conscensia 10 years ago, I never imagined that I would work here for so many years. But time has flown by, and I really appreciate the great experience I have gained from various projects with customers. When I think about why I have been cooperating with Conscensia for so long, the answer is people. People who value relationships based on trust, more than processes. People who are always friendly and ready to help. People you can discuss with, both about your tasks and all sorts of other topics. When you can create such relationships in a company and on a development team, many realize that you do not want to exchange it for something less valuable and temporary.”
Ivan is .Net developer at Conscensia A/S

Responsible sourcing makes the difference

Responsible Sourcing is the focal point of Conscensia’s model for outsourcing.

Our model is based on what we call Responsible Sourcing. Or translated from the Danish: that we source consultants in a proper and responsible way.

For us, Responsible Sourcing is about human vision – that all parties take responsibility and behave properly and equally in all relationships and we believe this creates a platform for success with nearshore software development.

To udviklere samarbejder på et projekt, hvilket afspejler effektiviteten af nearshore softwareudvikling.