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Meet Zoriana

Name: Zoriana

Position: Delivery Manager

Age: 42

Education: Masters Degree in Mathematics

Residence: Lviv in Ukraine

Interests: I like to spend time with my family, kids and friends, as well as skiing and riding bikes.

Joined Conscensia: 2007

Please describe the responsibilities in your current job position?

As a Delivery Manager, I ensure that our clients get maximum output from the collaboration with their Ukrainian developers. At the start-up of a new team, I help the client with the implementation and getting the right processes in place. If a client has no experience with outsourcing, we share our best practices for obtaining a productive and successful cooperation. It is also important that the outsourced development team feel as a part of the client’s company; they should get to know the client’s corporate culture and have access to the same information and knowledge sharing, as the Danish employees. At the start-up, we also recommend personal visits, both in Ukraine and in Denmark. As the daily tasks are coordinated between the client and the team, my responsibility is to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the collaboration. If questions or challenges occur, I support and advise the parties involved to come up with a solution.

What do you like best about your job?

I really enjoy the personal contact with our clients. I worked as a developer for one of Conscensia’s clients for almost 9 years, before I became a Delivery Manager. A developer is focused on the client’s product and development, now I have a broader view of what is going on behind the scene; how we support our clients in other areas besides the actual software development. I believe that my experiences from working as a developer, makes me a better Delivery Manager. When our clients are satisfied with the collaboration, I can see that my contributions are also a part of the success.

How would you describe Conscensia as a working place?

I basically grew up with Conscensia, as I have worked here for 10 years. Conscensia has its own spirit – we are one big family. Conscensia has an inspiring corporate culture, as it gives me good flexible working conditions, I feel secure and I have a perfect work-life balance. I have a challenging professional career and I have time home with my family; it doesn’t get any better than that.

What motivates you in your job?

In general, people motivates me – so I’m motivated by working with the teams and the clients. All clients are different, and they need different kinds of assistance from me. I have a very close contact with our clients, and we have regular Skype meetings to ensure that everything is on track. I thrive with professional challenges and with finding solutions or processes to how collaborations are optimized. We are all working towards making the client’s company succeed. That is our job and our priority.

Why have you chosen to contract with a Danish sourcing company?

I worked for two different Ukrainian companies before I started as a developer for Conscensia’s first client in Ukraine back in 2007. Conscensia was a very small company but with a friendly and warm atmosphere. Even though Conscensia has grown substantially since then, they have maintained their friendly and professional attitude towards their consultants. There are many benefits of working for a Danish company, e.g. the working hours, the stability and social benefits, which are very similar to Danish standards.