Meet our people

Ivan, en dygtig teamleder og softwareudvikler hos Conscensia

Meet Ivan

Name: Ivan

Position: Team lead, Scrum Master and software developer

Age: 38

Education: Masters Degree in applied Mathematics and Informatics

Interests: I like skiing, travelling, saunas, playing pool, ATVs and cooking any kind of food on the barbeque

Joined Conscensia: 2010

Please describe the responsibilities in your current job position?

I work on a minor team with three software developers here at Conscensia and the Danish client has one developer at their side. I have a mix of different responsibilities; I’m the team lead on our Ukrainian team, I’m the Scrum Master, I code and I also have architectural responsibilities for the system, we are working on.

What do you like best about your job?

My work experience includes more than 13 years of software development, and I like to mix my management tasks with technical tasks. It is a great balance. It gives me the ability to drive an idea to a solution that works for the customer, and maybe even see how it works in the production environment. The technical progress is constantly improving for software developers, which is exciting. I do not have any boring tasks, every day offers something new and challenging. That is why I still like to keep the technical tasks – to continue coding.

How would you describe Conscensia as a working place?

I like Conscensia’s new office, which gives me comfortable working conditions. I also have the opportunity for professional growth, good social benefits, a nice work/life balance and most importantly, Danish clients. We cooperate and work as equal colleagues, where they value my input, and we have good discussions about pros and cons. Our Danish client allows me to be innovative, and I get respect and recognition from them, which is important to me. The Danish clients and their attitude to their Ukrainian colleagues is probably one of the main reasons, why I have contracted with Conscensia for so long.

What motivates you in your job?

It gives me great satisfaction when I see the results of both my work as a team member, but also from the entire team. As I team lead, I enjoy motivating my colleagues, so we share a common goal and in the end, see how we drove our ideas to a real solution.
I also get motivated when our client recognizes our efforts and give good feedback. That is the best part of my work.

Why have you chosen to contract with a Danish sourcing company?

Back in 2010, I lived and worked in Kiev, when I saw an open position at Conscensia in Lviv. Back in time, I studied in Lviv and I really like the city. So I went to the interview with Conscensia and their Danish client. I really liked their values and the way the interview was conducted. The focus was not just on my technical skills, but also on my hobbies, soft skills and they made an effort to get to know me as a person. It was the first time I was asked such questions at a job interview. As I also found the job position very interesting, I decided to join Conscensia. So it was a gut feeling that made me contract with a Danish sourcing company.