What are the advantages of having a dedicated team?

13. May 2013

Conscensia’s model for outsourcing is built up around dedicated teams – teams of developers working for one specific Danish client. This model has four big advantages for you as a client:

You set the team yourself

When you are working with a dedicated team of developers, it gives you the advantage of setting the team that you would like working for you, yourself.
Conscensia searches the market for the right profiles, and in close collaboration with you chooses the right candidates.
At the same time, Conscensia ensures a high level of employee satisfaction – for example through training opportunities – so that employees stay with Conscensia, and continuity in the work is ensured.

Developers become an integrated part of the company

When you acquire a dedicated team of developers at Conscensia’s office in Lviv, these developers work only for you.
So you get a number of regularly affiliated developers who see themselves as part of your company, because they have full focus on your development tasks.
This way, it is possible to integrate your outsourced team so much in the Danish company that it becomes a natural part of the development department.
Furthermore, Conscensia’s Delivery Group provides continuous evaluations that ensure that close relations are maintained.

The team builds knowledge

When the developers work dedicatedly for you, they obtain thorough knowledge of your company, and the team’s knowledge about your company and your solutions is increased all the time. This means a more autonomous team, it creates more value, and thereby your ROI is increased day by day.

You gain proactive employees

Experience shows that our Ukrainian developers are utmost proactive and often suggest alternative solutions – especially if the Danish company chooses to invest in introducing the team to the company, work culture, products, and the context that they are used in.
It adds great value having employees that throughout the development process are capable of adding active contributions and challenges, and thus qualify the products.