The market leading Danish SW company Unik System Design and Conscensia have started a successful partnership in building a nearshore software team in Poland to help Unik System Design drive product development  and quality even higher. In this article, we share a few details of our very promising cooperation.

Unik System Design is a Danish company that digitizes manual work for property administration and law offices, offering market leading B2B ERP systems for both customer segments. This has been earned on the back of 35 years of experience, which allows Unik to combine deep market insights with convenient/user friendly IT and service solutions.

In late 2021 Unik decided to scale its development team and set a very tight time frame to achieve its goals. The Danish job market simply couldn’t provide the skills needed, so nearshore became the best option. After the screening process of potential suppliers/partners, the decision was made based on 3 major criteria, which were met by Conscensia to the highest degree:

1. A professional and trustworthy sales process;
2. Aligned company values;
3. Promising locations

Tonni Rasmussen, Product Director at Unik says: “We visited both Warsaw in Poland and Lviv in Ukraine and we were very impressed with the people that we met at both locations. The fact that we ended up in Warsaw was primarily to simplify our outsourcing journey by staying within the EU region”.

Overcoming New Challenges Together

Conscensia has its own recruitment process, which was integrated within the project. Naturally, it was slightly adjusted to align with Unik’s process, structure, culture and values. The outcome has been that the onboarded IT specialists have very high development standards and a profound set of soft skills, allowing them to join a team spread across Denmark and Poland quickly and efficiently.

Tonni Rasmussen, Product Director at Unik highlights:
“I have worked with other sourcing companies before, and I must say that I’m very impressed with Conscensia as a sourcing partner. They recruited highly skilled software developers very quickly, the onboarding process was professional and efficient, and the team started delivering results from day one.“

The project scope is huge, with dedicated teams aimed at creating a new SaaS platform for the products going forward. This new product is delivered with “hybrid cloud” model using Azure stack HCI. The new product suite contains everything from property management, facility management, rent collection, a full finance system, task tracking and tenant service portals.

Despite being in different locations, all team members are seamlessly integrated. To optimize knowledge sharing, Unik has built Guilds across teams and locations, so everybody can geek with tests, set new goals, and introduce new workflows.
The social capital is also very important to Unik. Therefore, developers visit each other in Poland or Denmark from time to time – as well as Unik arranges teambuliding events in Poland.

Tonni Rasmussen says: “When I visit my development team in Warsaw, I always return to Denmark with full confidence in my colleagues in Poland. We have open and honest communication, and they are very talented and dedicated to our project, which all contributes to a successful collaboration. It was definitely the right decision for Unik to establish a Polish development team at Conscensia’s Warsaw Hub.”

Conscensia is happy to be a part of Unik’s fantastic growth and we are similarly looking forward to solving new challenges together.



About Unik System Design

Unik System Design develops and operates innovative software solutions to businesses in the real estate and law industry. The software solutions digitalize manual work and automate processes so the workflow becomes more efficient.  Unik System Design is a market leader in Denmark with more than 35 years of experience and 230 committed employees. Unik System Design has offices in Aalborg, Vejle and Copenhagen in Denmark.