Resilience and Progress: Two Years of Conscensia's Steadfast Commitment in Ukraine

24. februar 2024

The flag picture is a gratitude for Conscensia consultants for continuous support from 80th brigade.

Two Years of Resilience and Growth: Conscensia’s Commitment in Ukraine

As we mark the second anniversary of a significant turning point in Ukraine’s history, it’s crucial to reflect on the resilience and growth that have defined this period. The invasion that began two years ago has tested the strength and spirit of the Ukrainian people and businesses, including the dynamic IT sector.

Enduring Spirit of Ukraine’s IT Industry

Despite the full-scale war, the Ukrainian technology industry has shown remarkable resilience. According to IT Research Ukraine, not only has the industry continued to develop, but it has also seen an increase in turnover.

Iryna Kosareva står selvsikkert i en hvid skjorte, som repræsenterer ledelse og engagement i Conscensias fortsatte operationer i Ukraine trods krigens omstændigheder.

This growth is a testament to the dedication and expertise of Ukrainian IT professionals who have adapted and thrived in the face of adversity. Over the past year, the number of tech specialists in Ukraine has grown by over 7%, reaching a total of 307,600 talented individuals.

Furthermore, a significant 36% of CEOs leading Ukrainian tech companies have expressed plans to expand their operations, with new offices set to open in 2024. This forward-looking perspective underscores the confidence in Ukraine’s IT industry’s potential and its role as a global tech player.

Conscensia’s Journey in Ukraine

At Conscensia, our software development hub in Lviv has been a beacon of innovation and excellence throughout these challenging times. Our colleagues in Ukraine have exemplified what it means to be resilient, courageous, and united, continuing to develop cutting-edge software solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. This unwavering commitment has allowed us to maintain our engagement levels in Ukraine at pre-war standards.
Despite some losses, our ability to onboard new clients and expand existing development teams in our Lviv hub speaks volumes about our clients’ trust and the quality of work our Ukrainian teams deliver. This trust has led to new projects and opportunities for collaboration, further integrating Ukrainian expertise into the global tech landscape.

A Unified Effort for Ukraine

In the spirit of solidarity, both Conscensia and our colleagues have been actively involved in supporting Ukraine through donations to humanitarian and military assistance. More than 213,000 tech specialists, representing 93.6% of the industry, have allocated a portion of their budgets to charity. On average, they donate a tenth of their income, which shows their desire and dedication to a free and independent Ukraine. 💙💛

A Word from Iryna Kosareva
Iryna Kosareva, General Manager at Conscensia in Ukraine, reflects on the journey:

“Despite the IT industry’s slowdown, our clients’ trust has ushered in new projects and collaborations. This has not only sustained us but has also further integrated Ukrainian expertise into the global tech landscape.”

Gratitude and Acknowledgement

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Denmark and our international clients for standing with Ukraine. The gratitude message from the 80th brigade, displayed proudly on our Ukrainian flag, symbolizes the appreciation felt by our teams and the broader Ukrainian community.

Looking Forward

As we continue to navigate these tumultuous times, our focus remains on supporting our teams and contributing to Ukraine’s IT sector’s resilience and growth. The challenges we’ve faced have only strengthened our resolve and commitment to Ukraine and its people.

We invite you to learn more about how we’ve managed to successfully operate and deliver results in Ukraine during this period. For insights and experiences from the first year of the invasion, please read the article by Iryna Kosareva, General Manager at Conscensia in Ukraine: How We Continue to Operate and Deliver Results in Ukraine.