The first team has started in Bucharest and more colleagues are joining Conscensia in Romania

26. February 2016

We are proud of our first 2 months in Bucharest, as we have already hired our first team, who is working for our client Lyngsoe Systems A/S.

Our office is full of life, as additional teams are established and we are ready to welcome our new colleagues.

HR Manager

We were happy to welcome our new HR Manager Ecaterina Garbriela Dan after just 2 weeks in Bucharest. Gabriela has extensive experience with recruitment of IT software developers in Romania, as she has worked with HR for the past 15 years.

From day one, Gabriela has contributed with great expertise and she handled our first recruitments.

The first team is a reality after a new cooperation with Lyngsoe Systems A/S

Our first development team started for our partner Lyngsoe Systems on February 1st, 2016. The team will be strengthened by the beginning of March, where they can welcome three new colleagues.
Conscensia is happy to have Mihai, Daniel, Gabriela, Dan-Stafan and Florin (who is not in the picture) onboard and we look forward to a close cooperation with Lyngsoe Systems A/S.

Next steps

During our first months in Bucharest, focus has been on internal processes, recruitment and employing new staff. Getting settled in a new office and in a new market takes time, and our staff in Bucharest cannot wait to continue the journey, they have just started. Ahead awaits a new interesting recruitment of a new team of software developers and an upgrade of the internal design of our office.