Successful outsourcing - tips from Conscensia

18. February 2015

Before companies start outsourcing their software development, it is important to have defined the goals they want to achieve by outsourcing.

Conscensia provides the following advice for companies, who are considering outsourcing their software development.

  • The management must clarify what they want to achieve by outsourcing.
  • In addition to savings on wages, the management must also see other benefits of outsourcing, such as being able to get the skills the company needs, improved competitiveness and getting more development tasks solved at the same price.
  • Remember to focus on the internal organisation as well, so all employees can see the benefits of outsourcing.

Following the above considerations, you are ready to find a sourcing partner you trust and who can find the right developers for your development task. In addition, it is important that the developers are integrated and do not leave the job after a few months.

At Conscensia, we focus on three things:

  • We find the right developers for your business, both from a human and technical competence point of view.
  • We integrate your new developers with the rest of your organisation.
  • We retain the developers, so competences and knowledge remain in your team.

Conscensia has a very holistic view on outsourcing. It is all about people. People have to be motivated – and when we motivate our employees – we are confident that our clients achieve success and value from outsourcing. Let us tell you more about our outsourcing model – call us on tel. +45 88 82 62 62 and book a meeting.