Success with long-term partnerships

16. November 2020

Since 2006, Conscensia has helped businesses establish nearshore software development teams with the best Ukrainian or Polish software competences for their development tasks. Meaning, we find software developers matching our customers’ needs, assist in optimizing the cooperation and integrating the developers into the customer’s organisation, and we have created an attractive business culture at our development centers that makes our developers wanting to stay at our customer’s teams for many years.

Our success is especially evident this Fall, as we have celebrated 10 years anniversary with 2 clients; Systematic and Getinge. On both customer’s teams, we have developers who have worked on the teams for all 10 years. Now that is impressive, and something we are very proud of!

We create the success together – by our customers, developers and Conscensia excelling at cooperation and open communication, so the development tasks are solved in high quality.

Conscensia’s CEO Hans Henrik von Platen-Hallermund states:

“We are incredibly proud of our 10 year anniversaries with both customers and developers. It is a hallmark of our business model, where we have established development centers that ensure our customers have well-educated software developers for their development tasks – and our IT-specialists have an exciting workplace that they want to be a part of for many years.”

Check out the video beneath and hear our Ukrainian developers tell about the cooperation with Systematic.