Still full speed on recruiting in Ukraine and Poland

8. April 2020

Our everyday life was changed from one day to another at the beginning of March due to the Corona virus. There were many new personal restrictions, many people had to work from home, and physical meetings with our colleagues, client or partners were advised against.

That can be a radical change for many people. However, the new everyday life is not so different for Conscensia and our clients. They are used to seeing and communicating with their development team virtually. Our clients are used to having online video meetings with their developers daily, although they may have offices in Copenhagen and the developers are located in Ukraine. In these times, it has been a huge advantage that all tools and processes for effective collaboration are in place – as it is the usual way of working for them. The only difference is that everyone now work from home.

How do we handle recruitment in the COVID-19 lockdown? We still have many open positions where our clients need more developers. Although our HR department in Ukraine/Poland also work from home, they still manage job interviews with candidates and clients, simply virtual. Our recruiters have internal interviews with job applicants via video, and in collaboration with the client, they agree on which candidates they want to invite to job interviews. Job interviews are conducted via video with our HR department, candidates and clients, and our clients choose which IT-specialists they want to work on their project.

Since the Danish government told us to work from home, we have actually succeeded in hiring developers for five clients – all virtual and in close cooperation with our customers.

We are proud that our company was able to handle this sudden challenge and that we are still providing full service to our clients with all their recruitment and development needs, despite new working conditions and routines.

We are happy to help with advice if you are interested in hearing how we organize the new everyday life in an international set-up work. We can be contacted here.