How to Secure Long Term Success in your Nearshore Software Team

Step One: Find the Right Developers

16. March 2022

Building a strong team is a multi-step project. It begins with the recruitment process, continues through onboarding activities and never really ends if the company wants to retain its talents.

At Conscensia we break each of these phases down into a few practical and clear steps. We know how to find, integrate and retain the best specialists. In this and the two following articles we will disclose viable practices that have been developed and improved over 15 years of collaboration with our clients and produce ideal results in distributed teams. 

Where to look for the talent?

Nearshoring is the best outsourcing option, providing qualified specialists whilst eliminating time or cultural gaps.

Conscensia has delivery centers in two locations: Warsaw in Poland and Lviv in Ukraine. Both cities are among the biggest IT hubs in their respective countries. Warsaw is home to some 70 thousand specialists, which represents about 22% of the whole Polish IT pool. Lviv can count about 26 – 26.5 thousand specialists, which is about 15% of the total number of IT professionals in the country.

The talent market in both cities is huge in relation to the number of citizens. However, wide options require more careful decisions. Poor choices can be very costly, therefore it’s better to find the right fit and work towards a long term relationship from the start.

How do we do it?

Finding the right person means knowing whom you are looking for. At Conscensia we work closely with our clients to be crystal clear on their needs in order to find a good match not only for the tasks but also for the team. Conscensia’s recruitment team along with our technical experts analyze our clients’ requirements, establish a recruitment plan and manage all organizational matters (assigning interviews, signing contracts, etc.).

We will only begin the search when we have a comprehensive technical and cultural portrait of the desired candidate. This approach helps us to define the target audience and find not a candidate but The candidate for the team. Clients can support this process by prioritising quality of candidate over pure speed of search.

Marta Khomytska, Senior Recruitment Specialist at Conscensia explains:

“Conscensia has many projects for different industries and areas. Our recruiters work on vacancies with very different technology stacks. This urges us to stay flexible, have deep market expertise, understand its trends and technologies”.

The first interview is conducted by HR and technical experts to filter out the best candidates. The next step is an interview with the client. When the final decision is made, the search phase finishes and the integration phase begins.

Conscensia has delivered on promised lead times and the recruitment team has done a great job. Most of the Polish candidates could have been hired, but we had the possibility of choosing the best of them. When I need a new position, the pipeline is filled very quickly and I get properly vetted candidates, saving me a lot of time”, says Kenneth Kristiansen, CTO at Fygi

What is special about it? 

We use a targeted approach and it differs us from other companies. We know who we are looking for and what benefits and perspectives we can offer them. We use all passive and active sources of search and start building relationships from the very first interaction.

This method works for both the Polish and Ukrainian talent pools. As Nadiya Melnyk, Head of HR at Conscensia put it:

“Culturally both markets are very similar. In general Ukrainians are more prone to move faster to the next recruitment phase than Polish developers. People in both countries are ambitious, want to work with cutting-edge technologies and open to collaboration with clients from different cultural backgrounds. They are responsible and do their best to deliver the best possible results.”

Finding is the initial step in Conscensia’s recruitment process. It identifies the right people for the right positions but the road doesn’t end there. We go the extra mile to integrate those people in their new challenge and lay the groundwork so they remain with the company for years to come.

Learn more about Conscensia’s onboarding process and benefits in next article, which you can read here.