Responsible Sourcing: Tagline or hot air?

1. December 2020

Whilst being a possible solution to a major headache, going outside your geographic and cultural barriers doesn’t come risk free. Looked at from outside, there are numerous examples of this working well and many of the opposite. Competition amongst suppliers is high and this forces the industry to evolve better and more relevant delivery models.

We at Conscensia have spent 11 years developing a comprehensive solution. We provide the upside of access to an external talent pool with the security of knowing how to navigate new waters without significant risk.

Trust, Transparency and Responsibility. These are our values. By living up to them in all parts of our engagement both internally and externally, we have created a set up that delivers what we proudly call Responsible Sourcing.

What do we do?
Simply put: Proactively prepare our clients for the whole sequence of events that will confront them. By doing this, we ensure that there are no nasty surprises either internally or from outside.

11 years in the business has given us a wealth of know how on every aspect of sourcing. This knowledge is in our DNA. You see it in our methodology, documentation and planning. All of our procedures are based on a minute and detailed understanding of exactly what you as a customer can expect to happen.

  • Business Risk is what happens when you take a step without being sure of your ground. You need a partner who can guide you through this process, by planning it with you in advance. One who takes responsibility.
  • We start with honest advice based on an analysis of how you’re working today. Even if that means making changes to how you work. Bad practice is bad practice, even if it’s easy.
  • Data Security. Having worked with banks, health-care providers and defense projects, we know all about how to ensure the highest standards of data security.
  • Legality. We are up to date on all relevant legal issues all the time.
  • Legacy issues. By pragmatically and deliberately planning on boarding, we help to ensure that even the most original stacks and architectures are not a significant problem.
  • Communication is paramount for success in software development. Therefore we educate and permanently support everyone on all sides on effective communication and cultural intelligence.
  • Churn costs money. Part of being responsible is taking care of your own employees. At Conscensia, this means that we have a churn rate of under 10%.

Responsible sourcing means simply that you are free to concentrate on developing your business without having to worry about a host of very important but peripheral issues.