Remove the task “Find Software Developers” from your to-do list!

15. February 2018

Recruiting the right people for your business is essential! We all know that a lot of time and money are wasted, if you make a mistake by recruiting a person, who leaves the company after 6 months – or if the person is disqualified and you need to hire a replacement.

If you have tried to search for software developers in today’s market – you know that it is not an easy task. The IT sector is booming – and so is the demand and search for software developers. Some companies try to find their next developers in their own country, as they prefer to have the developers in-house. It is very difficult for companies located in large cities – imagine the hassle for IT companies located in rural areas, how do they attract software developers?

Many companies choose to remove the task “Find Software Developers” from their to-do list, by finding an outsourcing partner abroad, who recruits a team of developers for the company. But how does a business ensure that the outsourcing partner understands and hire software developers, who matches the business’ needs?

Let us tell you how Conscensia finds the best software developers for our clients!

First step

Our clients’ projects are unique, and therefore, we find talented candidates, which matches their projects. We do not have a pool of available in-house software developers, which (by magic) are just right for their projects. Therefore, it is vital that the client presents a well-defined profile, which clearly states the skills they are looking for in their next IT-specialist; both in terms of competences/technical skills and level of experience, but also personality and soft skills are important factors. When our recruiters have been briefed by the client, they actively search for candidates by posting job adds, using their extensive network and active headhunting.

Internal interview

Once our recruiters are in contact with several qualified and interested candidates, they invite each of them to an internal interview at our office in Lviv (Ukraine). The meeting consists of two parts: HR and a technical interview. During the first part, the recruiter gets a first-hand impression of the candidate and checks his/her motivation, English and social skills; tells about Conscensia, the client, and the project with the open position. For the second part of the interview, the recruiter invites a technical expert to participate (an internal Conscensia consultant), who has relevant experience to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and technical skills. If the recruiter and technical expert believe that the candidate is a good match – his/her CV is forwarded to the client. If the client is interested in the profiles – it is time for the candidates and the client to meet!

Client interview

Our clients are an active part on the job interviews with the candidates. As they will be working closely with the developers – it only natural that they decide, who they want on their team. Again, it is combination of technical skills/competences and personality/chemistry. Often, the client is also approving the candidate’s salary level. The interviews can be conducted via Skype, or the client comes to Lviv and have the interviews face-to-face. Some clients also choose to give the developers a written assignment, before they make their final decision.

Start up

Once the client and applicant have agreed to start working together, the candidate usually starts within 1 month. Conscensia handles all practicalities such as contracts, payroll, IT equipment, internet connection etc. The only task for the client is to ensure that the existing development team is ready for the new IT-specialist and prepare work assignments.
The benefits are clear; our clients get the skilled software developers they need, and they spend very little time on the recruitment process! Also, our clients do not seem to mind the fact that the salary level in Ukraine is significant lower, compared to Danish salaries…

What’s not to like!!