Conscensia Operations Growing Fast in Warsaw

24. March 2022

Three new members join our internal team

Greater demand from the market means more tasks for us. More tasks for us require more hands, and we are therefore thrilled to welcome three new colleagues with critical roles to the Conscensia team in Poland. They will be part of Warsaw team ensuring we keep up with new demand and whilst keeping established customers happy. Warsaw has already grown to a team of 45 consultants, a tendency that is continuing.

New recruiters

We are strengthening the HR department with 2 experienced recruitment consultants: Agata Zach and Agata Skowyrska. Their primary task is to maintain the flow of talent, making sure our clients get the skill sets they need. This is true for both existing development teams and those teams in the start-up phase.

Agata Zach (left) says the following about her induction into the Conscensia world:

The number of developers at Conscensia is growing rapidly in Warsaw – I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, but it’s a big motivator to keep working and growing further.” 

From Developer to Delivery Manager

Konrad Miskwiecz has just joined as delivery manager, where he will ensure that the cooperation between our customers and their development team runs smoothly. Konrad is a delivery manager for Polish development teams. He provides consulting and support with things like team management, development and collaboration processes, KPI follow-up and optimal team composition.

Konrad is not a new face in the Warsaw office, having previously worked on one of our development teams. Konrad says:

There’s something about Conscensia that made me want to come back. I really enjoyed working with my team and the overall atmosphere of the company was amazing. I am looking forward to working with Conscensia’s European clients and their Polish development teams. I have worked as a software developer for many years and therefore have a solid background understanding of IT and software development.” 

Big talent pool in Poland

Poland has one of the biggest IT talent pools in Europe. Interest in software development among the population is rising; 15,000 students graduate annually from its impressive universities. At the same time, over 80,000 are on its campuses and heading towards a career in the IT branch. It is assumed that the Polish IT market is growing at an annual rate of 5-10%.

Warsaw is very popular among the Polish software developers, with 22% of developers residing in the capital. Warsaw is also the location of one of Conscensia’s development center, with an office in the building Q22 in the center of the capital.