New customer in Norway: Norsk Byggtjeneste AS

9. October 2015

We are excited to announce that Norsk Byggtjeneste AS has chosen Conscensia as their nearshore outsourcing partner. Norsk Byggtjeneste’s development team will work from Conscensia’s development centre in Lviv in Ukraine. Norsk Byggtjeneste AS is Norway’s largest provider of construction regulations and building material data, and they provide unique information products to the construction industry.

Project leader in Norsk Byggtjeneste, Andre Ruud, says,

“We chose Conscensia as our outsourcing partner due to past experiences, where they proved their worth as a solid supplier of talented software developers. Retention of our developers has a high priority as it provides us with a higher productivity and better solutions. As Concensia is focusing on Norway as their new market, we benefit from their extensive experience with nearshore outsourcing from Ukraine.”

Country Manager at Conscensia, Dagfinn A. Mork, adds, “We are delighted to welcome Norsk Byggtjeneste AS to Conscensia. As our outsourcing model focuses on finding, integrating and retaining skilled software developers, we are confident that their new outsourced development team will bring them value and enable them to accomplish their goals.”

You can read more about Norsk Byggtjenste AS here.