Management is about leverage

24. November 2017

It pays to decide whether you want to spend your time doing what is important or doing what is urgent.

In a world that is changing at a pace that has never been seen before, it can be quite challenging working with software development.

Business is calling for new functionalities and services and demanding them yesterday. Project Managers are hunting you down to discuss their difficulties attracting the right talent to their teams. And then when people have been found it takes forever to get them up to speed with their tasks. And to add to your agony every month at least one person steps into your office because they have received a good offer from another company in the current overheated market.


Wouldn’t you prefer to spend your time where it really adds value: driving business and enhancing your bottom line?

Draw a line around all the tasks involved in fulfilling your personnel needs and buy them in. This is what we at Conscensia give you with our holistic sourcing model.

Conscensia is a sourcing company specialized in finding, integrating and retaining world-class software developers that suit your needs not just from a technical point of view but also when it comes to soft skills and personalities. Our holistic view on people means that we have a very low staff turnover: your dedicated team will be there for you next year and in 10 years. It will get to know your business better and better and can thereby constantly improve on the efficiency and quality of delivery.

What makes this even more appealing is that this talent is available to you at a fraction of the price that you are used to paying at home.

By finding a reliable and experienced partner, you can say goodbye to the footwork and focus on strategic tasks. And the labour you get comes quicker, cheaper and without employer obligations or capital tied up in offices and equipment.