10-year anniversary - Kamstrup has success with nearshore software development in Ukraine

17. March 2021

Back in February 2011, Kamstrup decided to make outsourcing a part of their future long-term strategy. They wanted the opportunity to scale their development competences in an efficient, flexible and economically advantageous way. As a result, they entered into a partnership with Conscensia to establish a development team in Ukraine.

The collaboration has since grown in size and strength – Kamstrup and Conscensia are now celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Indeed, many of Kamstrup’s developers have been on board for 5 – 9 years, meaning critical domain knowledge and the leverage this brings has been built up on the team.

Head of Software Development at Kamstrup, Vibeke Ågren, says; “We experience that Conscensia has helped Kamstrup in our growth. Not only has Conscensia contributed to recruiting competent software professionals, through good collaboration it has also been possible to motivate, develop and retain our competent colleagues.”

Naturally, a lot has happened over the past decade, where both projects and team size have varied, reflecting Kamstrup’s needs and market situation. The development team in Ukraine has, through the years, been a closely integrated part of Kamstrup’s development department at its headquarters in Stilling in Denmark.

”Today, Kamstrup has a well-functioning development team in Lviv, where the combination of excellent competencies and high seniority makes it easy for us to expand our development capacity. We greatly appreciate Conscensia’s competencies in recruitment and HR and experience an organization that is well run and a pleasure to work with.”

Conscensia is proud to celebrate yet another 10-year anniversary with yet another client. This stands as proof of our ability to find talented developers and establish the development teams our customers really want – and thus contribute to their nearshore software development being a success.

Vibeke Ågren concludes; “At Kamstrup, the 10th anniversary is an important milestone and we are still really happy with our collaboration with Conscensia and not least our development team in Lviv.”