JS meetup hos Conscensia

14. October 2019

It is important for both Conscensia and our developers that they have the opportunity to continuously develop their skills. To meet this need, we often organize events with technological content at our Lviv development center. The speakers can be external experts or own in-house experts in a specific field. The events are free and everyone is welcome to attend.

At the latest JS meetup in Lviv, our colleague Myron Mavko talked about Redux-Saga, the essence of the technology and presented various cases. Guest speaker Sergiy Babich talked about Angular IVY, new features and how they work in practice. Both Myron Mavko and Sergiy Babich are front-end developers with more than 10 years of experience. It was an inspiring evening with many curious developers, who wanted to learn and improve their software development skills.

In addition, we also host internal knowledge sharing events, where our developers share their expertise to colleagues. It can for example be on the topic “Logging in Java”. Here, different frameworks are explained, why there are so many, which one to choose, how to configure, what mistakes to avoid and what methods to choose.