Introducing our new client: Hawesko

15. December 2017

Showing how organisational maturity is a good starting point for being modern.

We are pleased and proud to announce a new client: Wine Dock GmbH. Wine Dock is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hamburg-based Hawesko. With annual sales of EUR 481M, 940 staff, numerous brands and a 50-year history, Hawesko is a giant in the wine world.

In keeping with the global ecommerce strategy, Wine Dock provides shared services in the field of online trading to brands across the Hawesko portfolio. To quote the CEO:

“The pace of innovation in the wine business, which has long been considered less than agile, is currently tremendous in the online sector.”

Given strong migration towards internet trade, Wine Dock was faced with the challenge of scaling its activities within a very tight time frame.

The head of IT for the group, Mr. Hanno Sislian, led this mission and after looking at several options, chose his partner: Conscensia.

As Hanno Sislian explains:

“We were experiencing difficulties in meeting our targets due to deficits in skill sets in Hamburg. I looked at various options, amongst them three near-shore companies. However, Conscensia was the only one able to map out the entire journey in advance and provide detailed answers and explanations to all our questions or concerns. They took control of all processes from day one, and we never had to worry about being on track. We were given a number of candidates in very quick time, and chose those we wanted on our projects. All the aspects of knowledge transfer were planned and executed as we wished. I am very satisfied with the reliability and expertise Conscensia brought to the table.”

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