Fygi Technologies: Leading the Raceto Digitalize Retail

9. march 2022

Fygi Technologies AS is a Norwegian company at the forefront of the race to digitalize retail. They offer a highly innovative and comprehensive solution around scan-pay-go. It answers all the pre-requisites of both retailer and purchaser.

In the second half of 2021 they chose Conscensia to help scale their Norwegian software development capacity with the skill sets they needed to drive their product development forward. Having now established a stable team, their CTO, Mr. Kenneth Kristiansen, shares his thoughts on the journey so far.

Why Warsaw

Kenneth Kristiansen says that the the journey began from a problem that all Norwegian software based companies have: “We were unable to find the right people. We are a dynamic company with ambitions and we need to scale. The resources we need are simply not available in Norway.”

“Nearshoring is one solution, the one we chose. We looked further afield to places like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. But in the end, we settled on Warsaw. Because of the logistics, lack of language and cultural barriers and impressive talent pool.

About Recruitment

According to Kenneth Kristiansen, Conscensia’s recruitment of software developers has worked perfectly so far. He reports: “Poland is to some extent an overheated market too, where recruitment is a lot more difficult than it was a few years ago. Nonetheless, Conscensia has delivered on promised lead times and the recruitment team has done a great job. Most of the candidates could have been hired, but we had the possibility of choosing the best of them. When I need a new position, the pipeline is filled very quickly and I get properly vetted candidates, saving me a lot of time.”

About Integration

The team in Warsaw is already very well integrated and Fygi don’t see them as an external team at all. “We visit each other regularly. We are happy to invest this time so that our colleagues in Warsaw are integrated into and understand our business domain, vision and values just as well as our colleagues here”, Kenneth Kristiansen informs.

He adds: “Currently we’re onboarding in Poland using the Conscensia environment and infrastructure. We then bring new hires to Norway for short visits. Here they get familiar with our company, products and general challenges. For us its extremely important to have them on the same footing as the Norwegian colleagues.”

A Quick Look Back

Fygi thinks the developers so far have been top quality, which is supported by the fact, that one of Fygi’s backend developers at Conscensia is promoted tech lead over all backend. Kenneth Kristiansen stresses that they are not looking to save money. He continues:

“What we need is traction and to grow our business. Although Poland is a bit more expensive than some other destinations, the size and quality of the talent pool, the fact that it’s in the EU and there are no issues in respect of GDPR make us feel much more secure.”