Employee welfare in Ukraine ensures Conscensia the prestigious Gazelle award

22. October 2014

The prestigious Danish Gazelle award is a clear evidence of the Danish company Conscensia’s ability to be successful in prioritising the welfare of their employees. This accomplishment was achieved despite Ukraine’s instability during the past year.

Supports the employees

The outsourcing company Conscensia established their development center in Ukraine in 2006, and even though most people would anticipate that their dedication to Ukraine has declined during the past year’s instability, that has not been the case. Carsten Hansen, CEO in Conscensia, explains,

“The media’s reports about Ukraine do not reflect the every day life we experience at our development centres in Lviv and Kiev. Even though the unrest is not near our offices, we feel our employees’ anxiety. Especially the employees, whose families are located in the Eastern Ukraine. We support them the best we can.”

Special conditions for their employees

The high focus on their employees’ welfare comes naturally for the management at Conscensia. Ever since the company opened their first development center in Lviv, the employees’ working conditions have been lucrative, compared to the working condition for an average Ukrainian. To name a few, all employees have a health insurance that covers their family and if they need to take a loan to buy a house, which usually involves a very high interest rate in Ukraine, they can get a loan on favourable terms through Conscensia.

The bigger picture

”When we operate in a country like Ukraine, we are not just visiting. We become a part of the country and therefore, it is important for us to support and give back to the local community,” says Carsten Hansen. Among other things, Conscensia and their employees have contributed to raising money for a scanner at a cancer hospital in Lviv, and during the unrest in Ukraine, Conscensia has supported the humanitarian work in Eastern Ukraine.

Caring is good business

According to Conscensia, treating your employees with care does not only give you happier employees, it also results in an improved bottom line for your company. Carsten Hansen explains, “Naturally, we do not take these steps out of sheer charity, but because we get a healthier economy when our employees are well. Their well-being, sense of security and happiness at work have a direct effect on our clients and the products they get developed, and that means we have a sound business. Many companies have difficulties in retaining outsourced software developers, we do not have this problem. As we have a high focus on ensuring that our employees are happy and content, they are motivated for staying with us.”

Same growth as last year

”Being awarded with a Gazelle is a token of our outsourcing model and our focus on our employees are working. It shows that we have clients that believe in our model and they get value from cooperating with us. The unrest in Ukraine has not scared our clients. Actually, we expect a significant increase in turnover this financial year,“ adds Carsten Hansen.