Conscensia’s ability to retain developers is a benefit to our customers

1. December 2020

We are busting with pride that 11 of our developers have celebrated their 10 year anniversary with Conscensia this Fall. We are incredibly proud that we have created a workplace and a corporate culture, which makes our consultants want to work for us and our customers for so many years.

Conscensia’s ability to retain our developers is naturally also a benefit to our customers. They get a stable development team where the developers thrive, are motivated and loyal. However, the success of retention is also a credit to our customers, as they give the developers exciting work assignments, while integrating them into their organisations. The combination of Conscensia’s and our customers’ efforts result in our great success in retaining our developers.

We have asked some of the developers why they have chosen to work for Conscensia in the last decade.

Volodymyr is a .Net developer and he has 16 years of experience within software development. He explains:

“After ten years with Conscensia, I can say I have grown as a professional and as a person. Conscensia supported and trusted me, gave me challenges as well as the freedom to learn and become better every day, and I tried to respond with hard work and willingness to bring high value to the company and customers. Also, the big advantage is the people I work beside – professional, social, knowledgeable and caring. Among them, I feel at home. Conscensia is a big family and I’m proud to be a part of it!”

Ivan is a .Net developer and he has 14 years of experience within software development. Ivan states: “When I started to work for Conscensia 10 years ago, I didn’t imagine that I would work her for the next decade. But the time has gone by very quickly. I really appreciate the priceless experience I gained on different projects and with different customers.
When I ask myself why I stayed with Conscensia for so long, the answer is people. People that always value a relationship based on trust, more than processes. People that are always friendly and ready to help. People with whom you can not only discuss your daily work but many other topics. And when you manage to build such a relationship in your team, you acknowledge that you don’t want to change it for something less valuable and temporary.”

Our 10 year jubilarians are all joining “Conscensia 10 Club”, which you become a member of after 10 years in Conscensia.