Conscensia's 15th Anniversary

13. October 2021

This September Conscensia reached its 15 anniversary. It was great to celebrate this day with people we are connected with and committed to. 

It was, though, more than a corporate anniversary. We celebrated the many years of cooperation with both colleagues and clients. Some of these began more than a decade ago and some have just begun.

We take pride in the fact that 50% of our existing clients have been working with us for over 5 years! We have also celebrated 10 year anniversaries with several of our clients. Among these are global medical technology company Getinge, international IT company Systematic A/S and Kamstrup A/S.

Hans Henrik von Platen-Hallermund, CEO at Conscensia says that:

Conscensia’s core value is to attract great customers and professional developers – and to connect these in long term relationships. We have done this successfully for 15 years now. Our satisfied customers and loyal developers make us all grow, progress and become more professional. I am sure we will continue to be successful in the coming years and that more and more customers and developers will join Conscensia in Lviv and Warsaw. Our anniversary is a celebration of our unity and I already look forward to gathering again next year.

The business is going very well. We are growing in both Lviv and Warsaw and expect to grow more than 30% in numbers of colleagues – so many new colleagues are joining Conscensia. The existing customers are happy and we are growing together with them. Also we have won several new customers recently. We bring exciting new projects and technologies into Conscensia, which gives new opportunities for our developers.

Conscensia is not only a place of constant growth but equally importantly, one of stability and life/work balance. We unite people who share these values in something that is more than a partnership. 29 of our colleagues are already members of the  “Conscensia 10 Club” having been with us for more than 10 years.

Like Ihor Choriy, Project Manager, who has 12 years under his belt already:

I stay with Conscensia because it’s a great company that helps me to focus on work. The company always takes care of those things that might be inconvenient or distracting for me. I also like how Conscensia chooses its colleagues. These are wonderful people, nice to work with but also chat to on various topics. And of course I love my project, which never lets me get bored. Sometimes it can be challenging, but never boring, so I always have new possibilities for growth“.

We have a 90% retention rate for our developers. We take care of all our colleagues and feel that they share the same feeling toward us.

To quote Iryna Kosareva, Operations Manager who returned to Conscensia after 5 years at another company:

I really like that Conscensia is a place with no bureaucracy but with a set of smart processes, great cooperation with Danish leadership and beautiful and talented Ukrainian colleagues. The company embodies Danish culture; full of respect, honesty and focus on building close long-term personal relations, where personality really matters. I’m back because our company core values fully correspond to my personal ones, such as tolerance, respect to other people’s views, equality, high trust, and trustworthy relationships. I like how people here are focused when it comes down to work, and how balanced they are when it comes to devoting time to their families, and how productive they are when it comes to business results. So I am happy to become part of this inspiring environment again and hope to contribute even more after my return“.

During these 15 years we have achieved a lot, had a lot of fun, and encouraged others to burn without burning out.

Line Milthers, COO at Conscensia summarizes this path as:

I remember Conscensia a long time ago in 2007 when we were twenty colleagues in a small office – young, ambitious, and enthusiastic. And now we have more than two hundred colleagues in Denmark, Ukraine, and Poland – still enthusiastic, but more professional and even more ambitious. I’m so glad to see how we grew and happy to grow together with Conscensia.

It has been a long journey and all the success that we have had over the years would not be possible, if we did not have people like our Conscensians.

Every time I get to welcome a colleague into the CSIA10 Club, it makes me really happy. And when thanking a client for 10 years of partnership as we have done with our clients Getinge, Systematic and Kamstrup, it makes me very proud that I have such great colleagues that continue to deliver at such a high level, that we end up being trusted partners and not just a supplier. This is a great achievement and one we can only do united – so I’m thankful to everyone at Conscensia and look forward to the future! Happy company anniversary!

Cheers to the future accomplishments and past achievements!

Happy birthday, Conscensia!