Conscensia welcomes new CEO

1. August 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have hired Hans Henrik von Platen-Hallermund as Conscensia’s new CEO. Hans Henrik comes from a position as director at Sanistål A/S, and he has previously worked in the IT sector as director at KMD and Fujitsu.

Hans Henrik states:

“I look forward to developing Conscensia’s markets, where we help companies establish development teams with skilled software developers in Poland and Ukraine. When our customers have a development team at Conscensia, they get exactly the IT competences they need at a cost effective price, which improve their competitiveness. Conscensia has 14 years of experience in finding, integrating and retaining software developers for our customers, while we take care of all the practical things. It is a success because our customers get the software developers they need, so they can concentrate on their development team and development tasks. Conscensia helps with processes and team management, as well as all the practical things such as recruitment, onboarding, education, IT, premises, payroll administration, social events etc.”

Conscensia has development centers in both Ukraine and Poland, where we have approx. 175 employees. Both in Warsaw (Poland) and in Lviv (Ukraine), there are broad talent pools of highly educated software developers with competencies in the technologies our markets demand.