Conscensia is expanding to new European markets

11. April 2016

In autumn this year, Conscensia will be celebrating its 10th birthday. 10 years of hard work and dedication have made us into one of the market’s most experienced and reliable partners for nearshoring solutions.

With pride, we can look back on 1.620.000 hours of software development, 300 developers, a rich history in a number of industry verticals and a team of 200 committed staff across 5 locations.

In order to continue our path of steady growth, we recently took the decision to expand into new territories. As of April 2016, we will actively be serving the markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and UK.

Vincent Pearson - Regional Sales Director i Conscensia.

To help us in this exciting phase, we have appointed Vincent Pearson of Pearson Consulting as our exclusive partner/consultant. Vincent is British, lives in Berlin and speaks fluent German and Russian. He has many years of B2B cross-border business, much of it connected with software development.

We are excited to be moving into new territory and look forward to the prospect of being able to offer our stable and established Danish business values to new markets and clients.

Vincent can be contacted on tel +49 152 345 20 507 or on