Christmas in Ukraine and Poland

13. December 2019

It is almost Christmas! In December, we turn up for the level of coziness at our development centers. Our developers become secret “elfs” for a short period of time, where they buy small gifts for each other.

The secrecy culminates in our annual Secret Santa Party, where all elfs are revealed, and gifts, apple slices and mulled wine are enjoyed. Every year, our Danish management looks forward to attend the party and wish all IT-specialists a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This day, we are also visited by more than 30 former employees, who want to stop by and celebrate the Christmas spirit with us. Of course, they also receive a small Christmas present, because it is so nice to see our former colleagues.

Later in December, a Saint Nicholas Party will be held for our staff and their families with Christmas tree decorations, Christmas workshops, entertainment and gifts for the children. At the end of December, we celebrate the beginning of a new year with our big New Year’s party, where the theme is “Movie Stars”!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Conscensia!