Benefits of having a dedicated development team

27. september 2021

Conscensia’s business model for nearshore outsourcing is built around dedicated teams; a delivery model with several key advantages. A dedicated team allows you, for example, to maintain full control over day to day task management and the overall competencies in your team because your Conscensia developers are dedicated to you 100%.

Advantages of having a dedicated team

– You choose the developers you want for your team
– You have full control over tasks, priorities, and project/product development
– Developers become an integral part of your company; you build technical and business domain knowledge
– The Conscensia part of your team consists of proactive employees

1. You choose the developers you want for your team

A dedicated team of developers means you choose exactly who becomes part of your extended team. We have 15 years of experience in recruiting developers in Ukraine and Poland and a thoroughly tested recruitment process. When we recruit, we start with a thorough analysis of the needs of your company. We search the market for the right profiles and, in collaboration with you, select the best possible match for your company and its challenges.

Once the team is recruited, Conscensia helps make it an integral part of your company.

Whilst doing so, Conscensia ensures a high degree of employee satisfaction. The specialists get Scandinavian working conditions and are motivated based on individual needs. We seek to give all our employees a real sense of purpose. We do this by permanently developing them. This is a whole range of measures including continuing technical and non-technical education and training, social activities, knowledge sharing, performance reviews and social benefits.

2. You have full control over tasks, priorities and project/product development

A dedicated team allows you to keep full control over your development progress in house. You decide on tasks, prioritisation and daily coordination. You are free to do so because Conscensia takes care of the practicalities – everything from recruitment, administration, contracts and much more. In short – you get peace of mind to concentrate on the development tasks while we handle all the practical chores. The team’s efficiency and domain knowledge increase rapidly because the developers gain a thorough knowledge of the systems, products and tasks.

3. Developers become an integral part of your company; you build technical and business domain knowledge

With Conscensia, you get a dedicated team: one that works 100% for you. Your permanently affiliated developers see themselves as part of your company and its challenges; a natural part of the development department, in which they are fully focussed on your tasks and goals.

Remote management, team management and well-functioning collaboration processes are important to ensure stable performance within a distributed setting. When starting up a development team at Conscensia, you get a permanent Delivery Manager, who among other things advises and helps with team management, development and collaboration processes, KPI follow-up, optimal team composition. This makes the team efficient and ensures very high-value creation.

“The 15 consultants we have down there today are proud to be a part of Spar Nord, and we are proud to have them on the team. They are so tightly integrated with Spar Nord that they are just as much a part of Spar Nord, as the developers we have here in Denmark.”

Kaare Jakobsen, Head of Development at Spar Nord  

By working for one customer, developers gain in-depth knowledge of the company, and the team’s knowledge of the business and solutions increases constantly. Meaning over time the team becomes more self-driving and creates greater value, thus increasing return on investment.

4. The Conscensia part of your team consists of proactive employees

When a company decides to start a dedicated development team abroad, it is not just about reducing development costs, but more about creating value in the company. Highly trained specialists are recruited, who become part of a team that builds a great deal of knowledge about the customer’s business. The team is integrated into the company on an equal footing with other employees in the organization. This increases motivation and long-term loyalty.

Our experience shows that our integrated Ukrainian and Polish developers are extremely proactive and help drive innovation and improvement with their own proposed solutions. It provides great value to have employees, who through the development process are able to provide input, and thus improve product development and the end product itself.

If you are interested in hearing more about the benefits of a dedicated team or you are interested in starting a team – feel free to contact us for a talk.

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