A Day in the Lifeof an IT Recruiter

31. May 2023

A big part of Conscensia’s services is to headhunt talented software developers for our clients. It is an extremely important job – and there are many elements to finding the perfect match between IT specialists and our clients.

How do we do this? Take a look at our article and try to walk a day in our recruiters’ shoes.

Recruitment from the inside

Being a recruitment specialist in the IT industry is definitely not a piece of cake. We think all the people who have had the opportunity to get a little bit deeper into the topic would agree. IT professionals are demanding and choosy candidates and at the same time, they are extremely valuable and in demand. How do we, in Conscensia, try to meet the expectations of both clients and candidates? How do we operate daily?
The answer might seem obvious at the first glance – BEST PRACTICES – but let us elaborate a little bit on that and give you a picture of what that means in our everyday working life.

Our working day always begins with the same thing: the search. The first challenge occurs right here and it’s because not every specialist maintains a comprehensive profile (or resumes) sufficient enough to get to know whether they are a good fit. By the same token, surprise surprise, they even leave some “traps” for recruiters on their profiles! What do we mean by that? ‘Finish your message with the word ‘banana’ if you want me to read your offer’. But, let’s be clear, we do not blame you – we know from our colleagues how many messages you receive each day.

Align expectations

As a recruiter, we have to do our best to meet both clients’ and candidates’ expectations, which are not exactly the same. Here, we need to be very concrete, since IT professionals receive multiple offers daily. We need to include all necessary data in order not to lose their interest. It is our duty to pinpoint the most important details and emphasize all possible interesting parts of a given project.

We need to be as transparent as possible. Transparent salary frames? It is becoming or has already become a must in the IT industry. Possibility to work from home? Again, a must to include in your job posting or message. At Conscensia, we place great value on meetings in our office: to have a common dinner, breakfast or stay for some beer and games after work, but we know how working from home is convenient as well. Balance!

We recruiters are very willing to develop their technical knowledge. But sometimes we receive complicated technical questions from candidates. It is good to already have a person (e.g. colleague in the next room) to help us answer them. Moreover, those HR interviews during which we can learn something from candidates are the best ones!
We always talk to many people daily – and we really have to pay attention to each and every one of them. We have to devote ourselves fully to the process and give our candidates the feeling that they are not a ‘product’, but a real person, whom we want to help in finding a tailor-made project. Hence, the ability to well-organize our jobs are crucial at such a position.

Always Staying Connected

Staying connected and updating as much as possible – this is our recipe for a good ‘candidate experience’. There are a lot ‘legends’ about recruiters who disappear at some stage. Do not worry, we, at Conscensia, are not one of them!
Offer accepted? Contract signed? And our relation is over? Not here! We are always happy to meet in our kitchen and catch up on how you feel in your project. Also, in Conscensia, we are always open for some project switching if you feel burned out after some time in your current one.
Recruitment specialists need to be good speakers, presenters, salesmen, negotiators and sometimes advocates between candidates and clients. We always want all the best for both sides; it is usually our duty to obtain it.

Being an IT recruiter is difficult, but surely, it is a wonderful job. And, since the industry is so hard, it has taught us there is no “we can’t” or “impossible” in our dictionary.
It is so great to help someone with finding a job and then seeing them around the office and hearing how great their cooperation with us is. We honestly believe that here, in Conscensia, we have created a great place to work.