8. marts 2013

Because the quality is high
Conscensia’s office in Ukraine is situated in Lviv which is home to 25,000-30,000 IT-educated citizens, and thanks to the town’s universities, 1,000 new candidates graduate every year. This obviously creates a unique foundation for recruitment of IT-specialists at a high level. All Conscensia’s employees have a masters in computer science.
The two universities that Conscensia recruits from are placed at respectively number 1 and number 9 on the list of the best universities in Ukraine, so the candidates come from the top of their class.

A range of foreign companies have already outsourced to Lviv, so the candidates for the jobs are often already familiar with this way of working.

Because work culture in Denmark and Ukraine is similar
It is attractive for Ukrainian IT-developers to work for Danish companies as, among other things, they like the Danish work culture. There are of course cultural differences between the two countries – for example, Ukrainians tend to have a bit more faith in authorities and to be more private than the Danes – but there are more similarities than differences. We laugh at the same things and have the same attitude to work.
Because of this joint basis, it is possible to create a team in Ukraine that feels like an integrated part of the Danish company, and that plays a key role in the development of the company. This is especially successful for the Danish companies that invite their Ukrainian developers to Denmark and give them an opportunity to get to know the company. This ensures that the Danish cultural model becomes embedded in the Ukrainian team.

Because the price is low
Even though the IT-skills are at the same level as the ones you find in Denmark, the price difference is still considerable. Most companies would be able to save around 40% of their development costs by outsourcing to Ukraine.
As an outsourcing destination, Ukraine is competing with India and other countries in the East that offer a lower hourly rate. But still, at Conscensia, our experience is that the advantages of the high quality and the cultural similarities in Ukraine make the country the best and most efficient choice for a lot of companies.