Welcome to FlexyBox ApS and Newtec Engineering A/S

22. June 2016

Conscensia has welcomed several new clients during the Spring, and we would like to reveal two of them here. A common challenge for several of our new clients has been difficulties with recruiting software developers. The media often report on how Danish companies are struggling to find and employ developers. Quite often, the companies end up with unfilled vacancies, and the process with starting up new projects stops.

FlexyBox ApS and Newtec Engineering A/S chose to find competent software developers in Ukraine, using Conscensia as their outsourcing partner.

FlexyBox ApS


FlexyBox ApS was established in 2002 and is now the leading bowling management system in Scandinavia. FlexyBox develops flexible IT solutions for hotels, restaurants, activity centers or fitness centers and intelligent cash registers for shops. Recently, FlexyBox entered a collaboration with Conscensia and their new development team starts July 1st 2016.
CEO in FlexyBox, Sara Lind Jensen, says: ”Outsourcing is new to us, but after having visited the office in Ukraine and met Conscensia’s team, there was no doubt in our minds that we wanted to try Conscensia’s outsourcing model. After just 10 days, the HR department had 6 skilled candidates ready for interviews – a very good start. We are very excited and cannot wait to get started.”

”FlexyBox is a very interesting company. We are thrilled that FlexyBox has concluded that sourcing of software developers from Conscensia will strengthen their business.”

Newtec Engineering A/S

Newtec is a leading manufacturer of weighing, packaging and sorting machinery primarily for the fruit and vegetable industry. Managing director Anders Petersen says: “It is common practice at Newtec to use external assistance for new projects, not belonging to the core business. It is often difficult to find resources and qualifications within the existing staff, as they are busy with the company’s operations and products. We were very fond of Conscensia’s outsourcing model as it, contrary to other consultancies, offers to hire specific software developers with qualifications equivalent to the project’s needs.”

Conscensia’s clients are always involved in specifying the competences of their new employees, before the HR department start searching for qualified candidates. Anders Petersen states, “The start-up phase was well organized by Conscensia and the recruitment of the first software developers went surprisingly smooth. The recruitment and project start-up were established in less than two months, and the competence requirements for the staff were spot on.”

The most important aspect of having a dedicated nearshore development team is that the customer get good results and high value from their new employees abroad. Anders Petersen points out, “New projects are often a little bit chaotic in the beginning, until the basic technologies and tools have been determined. Therefore, we started out with short sprints in the start-up phase. Any potential concerns about competence levels and the like have proven unfounded. Our existing team works with an exceptional professional and high competence level and productivity. Besides having a weekly Skype meeting, they are self-reliant and productive.” Anders Petersen concludes, ”Overall, the project had a smooth beginning and it has been a very positive experience to meet the Ukrainian branch of Conscensia.”