We cannot keep it a secret any longer...

27. August 2015

Location Romania. Green pin on the map.We are excited to announce that Conscensia is opening its third development center in Romania in 2015. Conscensia has been looking for a new sourcing destination within EU and NATO, as we have had to reject several software development projects, as they entailed restrictions of the project being developed within the EU.

We chose Romania for a number of reasons;

  • they have a large number of talented software developers
  • more than 90% of the IT professionals speak English
  • Romania is within EU and NATO
  • it is a modern and safe society.

Romania has over 100 universities with more than 450,000 students mainly in the IT and Engineering sector (approx. 140,000 students), which show their focus and goal of becoming a major player on the IT development scene. Our office is located in Bucharest, as more than half of the IT workforce lives here.

In the process of starting up in Romania, we are searching for a General Manager, who will be responsible for building the Romanian organisation and ensuring that Conscensia’s outsourcing model and values are implemented in the new organisation. It is extremely important for us that our new office in Romania deliver the same high quality of both software development and services to our new clients, as our existing clients have experienced from our centres in Ukraine for many years.