Take Care - Stay Home

18. March 2020

An old curse says: “May you be living in interesting times”, and we dare say that we truely are.

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every part of our lives; how we do business, how our kids go to school, how we relate to one another.

For many this means learning by trial and error. For us at Conscensia, working in a distributed setting rather than having everyone in one location is second nature; it is how we operate internally and how we cooperate with our clients everyday, so we might not be as cursed as others.

Naturally, as a responsible company we follow the recommendations of local authorities, which means these days we are a little more distributed than normal, since everyone is working from home irrespective of where they are: Denmark, Norway, Germany, Poland or Ukraine.

On the upside everyone is delivering the same high quality software development service.

If you need advice on how to work efficiently on various locations, check our article about Remote Team Management: Business as usual in an unusual context

Take care – stay home.