Conscensia Announces Impressive Growth

30. april 2024

We are very proud to reveal an excellent annual result for 2023, where we can present a strong financial result with record high revenue and earnings.

Conscensia’s revenue has grown by 21.3%, raising revenue well above 100m DKK. Our operating profit has grown to DKK 6.6m with an EBIT growth of 29.4%.  Our goal of profitable growth has thus been realised again in 2023.

2023 was also another year characterised by the war in Ukraine. Despite the situation, our colleagues in Ukraine have consistently delivered high-quality, dedicated software development to our customers. We are growing in both delivery hubs in Poland and Ukraine, which constitutes a very strong delivery muscle.

Expanded Portfolio

In 2023, we have also expanded our portfolio. In addition to our strong core in software development we have added new offerings, which means that we now provide services in 4 areas;

  • Software Development
  • IT operations
  • Enterprise Software
  • Embedded SW development

We are very excited to bring these new services to the market.

High Ambitions

In 2024, we expect to continue the good momentum. We have ambitions for our team to grow from the current 300 to over 1000 skilled colleagues over a number of years.

Our first step is to strengthen our sales and marketing efforts, which we have already started this year. We see great opportunities in the Danish market in particular, which still holds great potential due to the lack of software developers, as well as in the German market, where we have high expectations for growth. There is no reason for companies to lose business due to a lack of IT skills. The labour simply needs to be found abroad, and Conscensia helps with that.

Torsten Bielefeldt Schlägelberger, CEO at Conscensia, says; “Our strength lies in our ability to create long-term relationships, both internally within the organisation and externally with our customers. It’s our people and the culture that really differentiates us in the market.”

Torsten Bielefeldt Schlägelberger continues, “It’s not just about growing in size; it’s about being the preferred partner for our customers when it comes to navigating digital transformation. With our track record and in-depth knowledge of both the IT market and our customers’ needs, we are perfectly positioned to support them through their transformation.”

Reach out for more information about Conscensia and our services, and book a 45 minute nearshore meeting with Vincent Pearson her.