A Decade of Dedication: Halyna Shporlyuk Reflects on Her Journey

22. January 2024

Imagine dedicating 10 years to a company — witnessing its transformations, facing diverse challenges, and not just adapting but thriving. This is the journey of Halyna Shporlyuk, who recently celebrated a decade with Conscensia.

Over this period, Halyna hasn’t just observed the company’s evolution, she actively participated, taking on crucial roles in the delivery department and leading Ukrainian direction, moving then to the role of Delivery Manager in Romania, and finally, reaching the position of Global Delivery Director. Each role marked a chapter in her journey, contributing significantly to the company’s success.

Halyna Shporlyuk, wearing a teal blouse, is seated at her desk in a well-lit office, smiling as she contemplates her professional growth and experiences at Conscensia.

In our conversation with Halyna, she shares insights into her experiences, the lessons learned, and the defining moments that shaped her over the past years. This interview isn’t just about one person’s journey — it’s about celebrating hard work, loyalty, and sharing lessons that can help anyone in their career. So, get ready to be inspired by Halyna’s story.

You've transitioned through different roles within the organization. How did these changes come about, and how did they contribute to your professional growth?

I am sincerely thankful to the company for providing me with the opportunity to explore various roles. Each transition brought forth a new challenge, requiring not only adaptation but also the acquisition of fresh knowledge and skills — areas I hadn’t studied at university or had any prior familiarity with.

In essence, these shifts significantly contributed to my professional growth by broadening my skill set and fostering adaptability. I learned to embrace the unknown, demonstrating that stepping outside the comfort zone is a catalyst for personal and professional development.

I believe my journey highlights the value of being open to diverse roles. It’s the chance to learn beyond our established expertise, ultimately making us more versatile and resilient professionals in today’s dynamic work environment.

Halyna, Line, and Iryna smiling with flowers at a Conscensia celebration.

In what ways have you seen the company evolve and change during your tenure, and how has it impacted your work and role?

When I joined Conscensia in 2013, it was a young and relatively small company with around 100 individuals, fostering a close-knit atmosphere where everyone knew each other. Over the years, our company experienced significant growth, expanding its presence internationally with offices in four countries, so the addition of diverse locations introduced changes in the dynamics of our work.

This transition led to a notable evolution in my work ethic and approaches, a transformation that I found genuinely appealing. As my career progressed, I became increasingly aware of the importance of cultural intelligence. I embarked on a continuous learning journey, exploring the nuances of cultural intelligence and its essential role in promoting collaboration within diverse teams. This journey remains ongoing, reinforcing my commitment to understanding and navigating the complexities of a global work environment.

Can you recall a specific challenge you faced during your time at Conscensia and how you overcame it? What did you learn from that experience?

Certainly, one significant challenge that stands out is when the company offered me the opportunity to temporarily relocate to Bucharest to take on the role of Delivery Manager for the Romanian branch. A significant inner “fear of the unknown” was present as I considered the change. Despite this, it turned out to be an interesting experience, broadening my understanding of IT nuances in different markets and countries.

This unexpected adventure, initially seen as a challenge, evolved into a valuable chapter that expanded my knowledge base. Interestingly, the skills and insights gained during my time in Bucharest became an important asset when I later played an active role in establishing our entity in Portugal.

Halyna Shporlyuk gesturing towards the presentation screen during a Conscensia meeting.

As you’ve navigated various roles, were there particular skills or qualities that you found to be especially valuable in adapting to different responsibilities?

Absolutely! Adaptability is a must — being flexible and open to change proved really important.

Also, curiosity played a big role. Having a real interest in understanding new sides of each role helped me keep learning and gain fresh perspectives.

Persistence was key too. Dealing with different responsibilities often needed determination — being resilient to overcome challenges and keep going through tough times. It turned obstacles into stepping stones, helping me master skills and be more effective overall.

Cultural intelligence was crucial, of course. This not only improved collaboration but also broadened my horizons, making my professional experience richer.

How has the company culture influenced your approach to work, and do you think it has played a role in your longevity at Concensia?

Absolutely, both the company culture and my colleagues have been crucial in shaping my long-lasting journey with Conscensia. The Scandinavian principles deeply embedded in our culture, coupled with our core values have undeniably impacted how I tackle my work. The strong emphasis on trust, open communication, and shared responsibility has cultivated a workplace where I not only flourish but also feel a strong sense of connection.

I believe when core values align with personal and professional principles, it creates work environment that not only encourages longevity but also enhances job satisfaction and individual growth.

Reflecting on your 10-year journey with Conscensia, could you share some highlights or memorable moments that stand out to you?

I can hardly believe how quickly the past decade has passed since I joined Conscensia. I vividly recall my very first day at the company, a day filled with warmth as I was welcomed with flowers, and my desk adorned with small Danish flags 🙂

Halyna Shporlyuk sits at her desk on her first day at Conscensia, a Danish flag mug in the foreground and a welcome bouquet, symbolizing the warm reception and the start of her significant journey.

There are actually so many great memories, but what really stands out to me are the team-buildings and trips. They’ve been unforgettable! From the OPR-team trip to Copenhagen to celebrating our company day in Bucharest, and the cozy Christmas gatherings in our Lviv every year. The management gathering at the former CEO’s summer house in Denmark was a highlight, too. And let’s not forget the yearly Delivery team workshops – every time we have them in different locations. These moments really make my journey special. 

Collage of Halyna Shporlyuk with Conscensia team celebrating events and workshops.

Looking ahead, what goals or aspirations do you have for the next phase of your career within the company, and how do you envision contributing to its future success?

I eagerly look forward to the upcoming years and envision how, in Delivery team, we could take our services to the next level. This includes staying on top and leveraging constantly evolving, disrupting trends in the market, for example, AI.

I’m also passionately hopeful to see our new project in Portugal develop into a fully operational and successful Development Hub, reflecting the achievements of its counterparts in Lviv and Warsaw. By contributing to this evolution, I hope to not only advance my career but also enhance the overall success of the company.

As someone with a decade of experience, what advice would you give to new employees just starting their journey with Conscensia?

My main advice to new colleagues is to foster an open mindset. Be curious and don’t hesitate to seek clarification by asking questions. To succeed in the long run and make a meaningful contribution, focus on mastering your skills in a collaborative, rather than competitive work style.

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