Danelec Marine

Case: Maritime Industry – Implementing Top-notch Technologies for a Cutting-edge Fleet Experience

One of the key players in the maritime industry, Danelec Marine, creates maritime products for improved data capture for shipowners. In this article, we share our experience of the collaboration with Danelec Marine setting up a nearshore development team working on top-notch technologies for a cutting-edge fleet experience.

Danelec Marine is a global company within the Maritime Industry with a presence in Denmark, Norway, Greece, Germany, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, and China.
The company provides solutions that simplify data capture for shipowners. Just as an airplane has a black box – ships have their own orange boxes, which are what Danelec Marine produces.

They help shipowners to simplify the data and future-proof their fleet. More than 10,000 ships in the world use Danelec Marine’s products. Moreover, Danelec develops unique software to help manage devices remotely, monitor current state and analyze collected data.

Expanding IT development capacities

Danelec Marine has more than 600 factory personnel in over 50 countries. On the one hand, it provides users with flawless and fast support all over the world. On the other hand, scaled solutions call for scaled technologies.
Back in 2016 the company decided to expand its development capacity abroad using nearshoring. Its cloud team began the search for a partner in 2018 and came to Conscensia in June 2021. In August 2021 Conscensia and Danelec Marine began to work on the project.
The main aim of the collaboration was to develop cloud-based value-adding solutions to mature and tightly regulated equipment. Conscensia’s IT specialists took part in developing a new SaaS portal to provide remote monitoring and control, reduce or even eliminate asset downtime. It also provides enhanced operation through the application of data collected and accessed in the cloud for analysis.

Advanced technologies and promising collaboration

Currently, there are 10 people on the Ukrainian side of the team and 5 on the Danish side. Understanding business needs and the ability to overcome possible cultural or communication issues was a must for all team members.

Conscensia always keeps a strong focus on Cultural Intelligence and has huge experience running teams in a distributed setting. Our colleagues ensured trusted and open communication within the team, which created a solid platform for effective collaboration.
As Christian Schaffalitzky de Muckadell, Software Development Manager at Danelec Marine said: “After trying a few companies, we landed at Conscenia, which was attractive with its transparent model. Our Cloud teamlead has prior experience with Consсensia, and after researching the market, we decided on Conscensia”.

On the technical side of the project, they work on the back-end part using .NET. Danelec Marine uses a modern and interesting technology stack, such as Modern Azure Cloud technologies, IoT Hub. with azure Function apps, service bus (messaging), and MSSQL & Cosmos databases. The candidate selection process was very thorough, so our Сonscensia IT specialists demonstrated a high level of expertise in relevant technologies and approaches. They have an impressive level of technical skills and constantly work on its improvement. It makes the team perform well and enjoy solving the tasks. To quote Christian Schaffalitzky de Muckadell, Software Development Manager at Danelec Marine: “Maybe a couple more on the team will be good. The future will bring a lot more focus on integration and enablement of the Ukrainian developers and what we call “One Team”.

We are looking forward to implementing the ambitious ideas of Danelec Marine and make fleet experience more future-proof and easy!



About Danelec Marine

Danelec is a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR), Shaft Power Meters (Kyma), and a supplier of cutting-edge Ship Performance Monitoring systems. Boasting decades of experience in ship data collection, their technologies are installed on over 10,000 vessels, driving operational optimization for safety, cost-effectiveness, and performance. Their dependable, economical maritime IoT infrastructure, DanelecConnect, empowers both in-house and expert partner digital solutions.