eKontoret establishes a software development team in Ukraine

30. September 2019

Conscensia has many different types of customers, from large development houses, mid-sized companies to smaller startups. For example, we have just helped the eKontoret to start a development team for them in Lviv, Ukraine.

Director of eKontoret Allan Petersen states:

“Due to the many good IT Candidates in Lviv, eKontoret chose to start a collaboration with Conscencia for developer resources. We chose Conscencia as we wanted to have a Danish partner, who has excellent HR and Delivery Services in Lviv, and to avoid having to learn ourselves about the rules of employment in another country. During the recruitment phase, Conscencia has been a very good partner and has ensured that we got the right start on our development adventure in Lviv.”

As Allan explains, our customers are very pleased with the safety of using a Danish sourcing partner when the decision to start software development abroad is made. Our customers appreciate that the developers have good working conditions, a HR department that ensures a high level of employee satisfaction, delivery managers who assists the customer in Ukraine, and that all administrative matters are cleared. Therefore, our customers are given the time and peace to manage the development tasks.

If your company is considering starting a development team abroad, please feel free to contact CEO Hans Henrik von Platen-Hallermund and hear more about how we can help you speed-up your software development. You can also read more in our ebook The Road to Near Shores.