Case: zentuvo chose outsourcing and gained proactivity and high quality

The Norwegian company zentuvo has used Conscensia as a sourcing partner since 2008. The collaboration with Conscensia gives zentuvo the possibility of getting their it-tasks solved by a professional and proactive team that is 85% cheaper than Norwegian consultants.

zentuvo is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of visualization services for the real estate industry, and in 2008 the company chose to outsource its’ IT tasks to Conscensia and our team of developers in Ukraine. Previously, zentuvo had tried outsourcing in India with a disappointing result. Still, they chose to give Conscensia a chance with nearshoring outsourcing. And they are very pleased with the results, tells André Ruud, who is CIO in zentuvo.
”What matters the most is that Conscensia has given us a proactive and solution-oriented team, who fits well with our organisation. IT-projects are complicated and if you have a reactive team who only solves the tasks they have been given, you do not get the best solutions. When Conscensia provides continuity in the team, we train the consultants in our business model and our technology platform, so they remain very valuable for us for a long period of time. The team has gained so much knowledge on our business and technology that they can present a detailed solution, when I introduce them to a general problem,” he explains.

A close dialogue

When choosing to outsource software development, André Ruud says it is important to remember to allocate resources and time for project management and follow-up.

”Many companies make the mistake of believing that IT development is carried out by defining the task and the resources will develop the solution. If you do not take an active part in defining the solution, the result will not meet your expectations. We strongly believe that it is through dialogue and collaboration great solutions are created. We have chosen a set-up with daily morning meeting with the team to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The rest of the day we are also in close contact. It is important to integrate the team, so it becomes a part of your own organisation,” says André Ruud.

High quality at low price

The collaboration with Conscensia has given zentuvo great savings on the hourly wage.
”It is very simple. If we were to hire Norwegian consultants they would cost 1.000 NOK per hour, and now we kan get developers for 165 NOK per hour,” says André Ruud.
The saving on 85% only makes sense if the quality of the development is comparable – and André Ruud states that the quality is fully comparable.
”The quality of the development we get from our developers in Lviv is exactly the same as the one we would get here in Norway. I’m extremely pleased with the team’s competences and the way they have gained the special competences we need” says André Ruud, who sometimes visits the office in Lviv in Ukraine.


”It is like a Norwegian consultancy and I appreciate that Conscensia prioritises the well-being of the consultants and e.g. make sure they get training. It creates loyalty and naturally, I want to keep the consultants on my team for as long as possible,” he says.
The extra border coming from zentuvo choosing a Danish outsourcing partner has not created any barriers or made the collaboration any less efficient, according to André Ruud.
”The only thing that matters is whether the partner can provide the right team to our company, Conscensia did just that,” says André Ruud.



About zentuvo

zentuvo is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of professional photo services for e.g. the real estate industry. zentuvo has a network of professional photographers, who are ready to visualise visions of new constructions and presentations of houses.

The Norwegian company zentuvo has used Conscensia as a sourcing partner since 2008.