During the past years, FlexyBox has experienced a very positive growth. The company has grown from two employees in 2010 to more than twenty employees in Denmark and four developers in Ukraine at Conscensia’s development center. FlexyBox has no doubt that the choice to outsource has increased their competitiveness.

Before FlexyBox signed up with Conscensia, they had tried to outsource smaller IT projects, both via suppliers in Asia and Denmark. However, it was not a success. “We struggled with the quality of the development, delays and conflict of interests. But we had not given up on outsourcing and were ready to give it another try – but in a different setting. With the new strategy, we wanted to be in charge of the development and have a direct dialogue with the developers. Luckily, Conscensia offers this outsourcing model”, says Kenneth Jensen, COO at FlexyBox.

Talented developers and extremely effective recruitment process

”There are really many talented developers in Ukraine, and Conscensia’s HR department finds them for us”, says Kenneth Jensen. “We write the job descriptions with our Ukrainian team lead. The HR department and our Ukrainian team lead conduct internal job interviews with the best suited candidates. Following the internal interviews, I receive the qualified candidates resumes – and we have job interview where I participate via Skype. It is extremely effective. Compared to our Danish recruitments, I use far less time on the recruitment process in Ukraine.“ The competences of their Ukrainian developers is also very satisfying. “It is a pleasure to see the knowledge and experience our Ukrainian developers bring to the team. You can easily get system developers in Ukraine, not only programmers. They take part in designing and creating the solutions. We especially need these competences, and Conscensia helps us bringing these skills to our team,” elaborates Kenneth Jensen.

Our QA is an important player on the team

”We did not realize that a QA (Quality Assurance) could become a link throughout the entire development process. Our Ukrainian team lead gave us this input. We followed his recommendation and added a QA to the team, which we have not regretted for one second. A QA is not just a tester, but is involved from the beginning of the development process. The developers often think about how the solution can be coded, whereas the QA asks the important and relevant product-related questions. Our QA is also interested in usability and design, so she coordinates the communication and all material to the designer. It is our way of ensuring the quality from the beginning of the project,” concludes Kenneth Jensen.

Genuine team spirit

Kenneth Jensen visits his Ukrainian team every quarter to be accessible and a part of the team. “The team must fell that we are here for them. I have a regular working week down in Ukraine and it is always productive – we typically improve our existing processes or we come up with completely new processes. The developers are always eager to show their results when I’m there, and that is great. During my visits, we also get to know each other personally, which makes it easier to talk about any challenges.”

Prefers an honest opinion – also if they disagree

”We do not experience big cultural challenges between the Danish and the Ukrainian development departments. We have told our developers that we encourage discussions and want their honest opinion, also if they disagree. They have embraced our way of working, and we are impressed with the level of input our Ukrainian developers bring, which makes us all wiser. Their attitude and interest in IT is very similar to the Danish mind-set”, says Kenneth Jensen. At the office in Lviv, FlexyBox has a Delivery Manager, who in the start-up phase provided best practices of how to handle the daily routines, processes and the cultural differences.

Outsourcing increases our competitiveness

FlexyBox has no doubt that outsourcing is the right solution for them. “We have increased our competitiveness because we outsource. Outsourcing keeps our costs down and we can get talented developers quickly, when we need them”, ends Kenneth Jensen.



About FlexyBox

FlexyBox offers total management systems within the fitness industry, the restaurant industry and companies with booking needs. These products could e.g. have a CRM system, payment system, booking system, member management, financial integrations, rosters, table plans etc.

FlexyBox has 20 employees in Svendborg in Denmark and a team of 7 developers in Ukraine. They work on FlexyBox’s total management systems, including apps and websites.