Conscensia's 10 Years Anniversary

10. September 2016

For 10 years, Conscensia has helped Scandinavian companies find, integrate and retain software developers from Ukraine and Romania.

We’d like to say a huge THANKS to our talented and dedicated IT-specialists – they make all the difference! We look forward to the next 10 years of helping more European companies getting first class software development.

Our developers have been very busy in those 10 years, as they have had

1.620.000 hours of development,

725 business trips to Scandinavian clients,

travelled a distance of 2,320,000 km, which is 58 times around the world.

They have also been productive in other areas, as our consultants gave birth to 61 children – and we have had 10 marriages between Conscensia colleagues.

To mark our 10-year anniversary in September, we had celebrations in Scandinavia, Ukraine and Romania.

Celebration at the office in Denmark

Celebration in Lviv, Ukraine

Check out more photos from our Lviv celebration on Facebook.

Celebration in Bucharest, Romania